All About "Them"

Who is "Them"?

"They" say, "It's all about you" but would you do all of this to yourself? It amazes me how you see this a good, the best, but what does that attitude say about those before you? Are we, would they, are we where "they" worked for us to be?

Have you tried to visit one of our major cities lately? What kind of experience did you have? Was it stress-less or more stress than you could have ever imagine? You mean to tell me we're headed towards $20 per hour for "parking"? Why does it cost more to parkacar than it does to park a "horse"?

Where are the friendly places? Everybody's so informal formal you never know if it's them or because their working? Why would you act nicer working than you do privately? Are people in major cities down-to-earth? Why do people in major cities see themselves more prosperous than people in rural areas? Why do "they" feel they must leave rural areas to make a success of themselves? Is it the place or the people? Why do you see people in New York better than people in Georgia? Why do you see educated people more than uneducated and is there a such thing?

If a East Indian can successfully own and operate a business anywhere in America, why are there only limited areas for black Americans? Is it the people or the place? Just how do billionaires get to control "all" and at the same time, you feel you're in control?

If you're so much in control of self why do you put up with the fluctuating gas prices? Do you feel they're justified, logical, looking out for your best interest? Now, you're getting a better idea who "they" are. They and Them are synonymous. 

When people cause you to open your eyes? 


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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