American Homeless Exposed

I could not believe what I experienced today but it was a confirmation for what I too often heard and suspected.

There are about three kinds of people who make up this huge scam on good hearted Americans. There are those who advocate for the homeless, those who are homeless and those who use homelessness as a way to solicit funds to support their careless lifestyles.

Because a man dresses homeless, why couldn't he just be dropped on a public street corner to panhandle? Why would he be driven to a hotel parking lot, appear to come from nowhere and start panhandling on a busy street corner?

Damn, I’ve heard about it, wanted to believe but thought it is not possible until today.

As I was pulling into a hotel parking lot, I observed a man, a dog, and open car door with a couple of people in the car. They looked a little rough but life goes on until I observed what appeared to be a scam, too often used by people who make themselves appear as weary travelers, begging on street corners for enough money to get where they were going. Even sometimes I fell for the bait and made a contribution.

However, today, I observed this man departing from his car with what appeared to be panhandling sign. He went through the bushes and took a chance on his life just to cross this busy ass intersection so he would be in the best position to collect money from the drivers. At the same time I observed the car pull off, probably with two more beggars inside to go to another street corner.

Would you continue donating if you knew more and more people are starting to us homelessness as a profession to solicit funds? Would you support the growth of this kind of economy?

(((your inner

Homeless Illegal

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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