Americans Exploiting Americans

A giant Tug of War in America the worst-governed people on earth.

America, a land which boast of being the best, number 1, the most powerful country in the world, taking good care of its own people and its generosity towards the down trodden, but is this so and to what degree?

There is a very deadly game of tug of war playing out in America, but unfortunately it is one American against his fellow American. There are many facets of this game, the largest being the Rich against the Poor. Under this huge umbrella are many smaller groups, like politicians against citizens, teachers against students, educated against uneducated, parents against children, young against old, religion against no religion, superior against inferior…

There is "what we're doing and what we want you to think we're doing" which is as different as night and day. What kind of country is it who profits off the poorest, worst-governed people on earth? What kind of country is it which profits off its own people? What kind of family is it who profits off its own family members?

The worst governed people on Earth, once your color turns "green" nothing else matters!

(((your inner

Fear-Mongering, Racial Divisions and Hate

They Who is They - Art Thomas

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