Americans losing interest in voting why

At an alarming rate Americans are refusing to go to the polls and vote, why not?

Since its very traumatic beginnings Americans have embraced their system of democracy, which is supported by the right of every Americans right to vote. However, there have been grave concerns and consequences for which Americans allowed to vote and for which American politician for which to vote. The question of representation has been compromised since day 1.

There is an alarming number of Americans who still refuse to vote, not registered to vote, a larger number not interested enough to make an informed decision and there is a group of Americans who are coerced in voting. Combining these groups means the most powerful resource in the democratic process has been and still is compromised and that is the power of the people in their ability to make decisions by participating in the democratic process of voting.

Being compromised means the smallest number of Americans is coerced into voting to receive kickbacks from self-centered politicians, running for office. The smallest number of Americans, participating in the democratic process by voting, is also making decisions which obligate the majority of Americans, who really do not give-a-shit because they still have no "say or input", no matter how often they vote, why not?

There are Americans who make a lot of noise, bolstering themselves as representing the majority, but in reality they are small minority employed in the right positions, by the very wealthy minority. These Americans vote out of fear of losing their jobs and all the benefits which go with this. Their false sense of voting is cleverly disguised as their patriotic duty. Their efforts are false because if it was not for their monetary rewards, voting would not be their patriotic duty. The proof is, how can you consider voting as a patriotic duty, yet be not concerned enough to extend your patriotic duty to helping those less fortunate, voting or not? If we did this, there would be no need to vote nor run for office!

There is the long violent and abusive history of Americans, which after a horrendous takeover denied their victims the right to participate in the newly established democratic process. Then, there is another long standing violent and abusive history of Americans denying descendants of slavery to participate in the democratic process. After many centuries of being denied, when these groups were allowed to participate in the democratic process of voting, they had no choice other than to vote for a political candidate who half-heartedly had their best interest at heart. So, at what time in the history of America did these victims ever gain confidence in the democratic process of voting? They just went along to get along, while refusing meant defying the authority of the powers to be and being subjected to even more violence and abuse.

Literally, these victims have been forced into conforming, by being threatened with denial of the spoils of war, denial of all human rights and/or forced into exile and extinction. Especially, their own people are used to lure them into monetary traps, established by the status quo to further exploit them and provide “free” labor and support for the cause of their oppressor.

Today, even though the American process appears to be and is accepted as a democratic process, the majority of Americans realize it as a hoax, orchestrated against them. The overwhelming majority of Americans still have no idea about the candidate for which they are voting, only what is publicized in mass media, which is a paid position, reporting only what benefits them.

Why would any survivor of the indigenous people of America and any survivor of slavery in America, so eagerly and willingly participate in the same system, created by the same people who committed these heinous crimes against them? How could the same people solicit their support, without proper representation? You must be forewarned by the slogan “No Child Left Behind” and understand why it exists? Is it the people or is it the system, being both makes this a double wrong and a sad reality.

The who vote in America are going along to get along and the others are voting, not out of fulfilling a patriotic duty, but to be rewarded with the spoils received from the gross exploitation of people, land and resources and we call this names like progress and development.

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