What is the primary role of women in our society?

What are you saying here and why is this so important to point out?

Why are we getting more and more confused everyday? What about same sex, lesbian, homosexual...? When asked what is the primary role of women in our society, you'll get many answers, but  most are not true and they're not true because we are afraid to tell the truth.

All these things in life are connected to everything we do in life and the first thing women talk about is being disrespected. Men are quick to defend their women, but women are sick and tired of those types of men. Nobody does something for nothing.

Most people would like to say women have a more important role than sex in our society today, but that's NOT true. Nothing women do in our society is more important than SEX and here's why.

This subject is especially irritating for the highly educated and religious of our society, why is that? There's no belittling worse than over praising yourself. Are women here mainly for sex and is sex their most important role?

Most are going to say of course not, I dare you and they'll tell you all about the great non-sexual roles women played in our society… but when you look real close at the roles of women in life, what is the single most important role of a woman, on this earth. Why have women overlooked how they’ve allowed themselves to be treated historically and why is it just today women want to be treated equally?

Many would tell you all about being a God fearing Christian man, but they have not a clue. Women want to change the way they've been protrayed throughout history. What was the role of women during slavery?

Most men will be punked out and explain all about how they love and respect their wives, as they fail to see how they have historically mistreated women.

Our main purpose on earth is to be fruitful and multiple. It all starts when you’re about thirteen and liking boys. We talk a lot shit about all the things we like in boys, but it all leads to one thing and that is raising a family. How do you raise a family?

You may call me a sexist pig but what is this gay thing all about. We’re  quick to talk about the two words least understood – love and respect, but everything we do is about SEX. What good would all the money in the world do you, without sex? What is the oldest profession – prostitution, why?

We might not have a man, a job, a house, clothes, transportation... we may not have any ideas of how we're going to survive, but we're going keep having babies. Then we're forever indebted to our enemy because we're not going to get out there and work together or for ourselves.

The primary and most important role of women in our society is sex. Why don’t women dress in a clean but unattractive manner? What happens when you can no longer have sex? A sad thought isn't it?

What happens when you catch your partner cheating? What does cheating mean? A crude but true statement:  No matter the power or position,,,, all men want to do with women is to “fuck them”. You can do a lot of things with women, but if you can’t fuck them, what good are they? Now, what do women want to do with men?

Do not belittle or disregard those who are different than you, without them you would cease to exist.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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