As We Live Together or

or Is it As We Live Divided?

Which way is this shit and why? Who's the best people here and how is the sum of the parts greater than the whole? Is there a way to do this, live united yet divided at the same time? What does this do for your family? We created so many divides and reasons to be divided we've lost our own identity.

You can talk about how insignificant and stupid this “togetherness” thing is, all about the differences dividing us, you can say how useless it is for those of us desiring and working, but there’s one thing you cannot deny and that is: We Are Living Together.

No matter how much you deny all the rest, there’s no doubt in that we’re all here doing the best we can to survive. Now, how can you do that without togetherness? That in itself says there are certain things we must do together, the same way at the same time, if we are to survive. Among those things are work, eat, sleep… so why do we further complicate matters by creating all these divides, when you wouldn’t want to be denied any of them? They are supposed to be human rights.

I also talk about all those I’ve assisted along the way and all those who have assisted me along the way; and what I want to say about that all is “why do we cut each other short”? Ever noticed how these relationships end and we close them out with this “reason and season thing”, when it was an arrogant, stubborn ass attitude? How hypocritical and thoughtless; and that is why our world is the way it is today. We will help you as long as it benefits us more than it does you.

I think on our seniors who are supposed to know the way, but they’re so misguided and misinformed you cannot depend on nothing they say. Respectfully, how are we going to correct this matter? It ain’t God, but that dude Willie Lynch has really got a thing on us.

The question now is: Am I Going To BE Alright? Then, why do we create all this drama knowing everything is going to be alright anyway?

Synergy - Your Inner Voice


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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