Autos and Human beings

Do they mix, are you worth the car you drive?

Normally, that situation is the other way around, but the real question is... are you even worth the auto you drive? Are you worth that?

There are European cars, American cars and those cars you never heard of. Ever ask yourself why not? What about Russian cars, why don't we have any Russian cars in America?

If you think that to be a stupid question then you already know, but if you really look at the current situation, how much we/Americans put on the value of the car they drive, versus how much emphasis a Russian puts on the value of the car he drives, then you will realize there's a huge difference.

Why is that difference...? America has every other kind of car, but why not Russian cars, if you want to be fair?

Are you worth the car you drive? Ever thought about it that way? Know how we used pick and value your animals? What about your investment?

You must invest in something, is it for yourself? Now, a car is a dangerous thing, but we still can’t get enough adventure?

Your first car is so exciting, why and think about that for a little minute? How much would the same value car cost today? Do we graduate from animals to cars? A car has 4 doors, the potential of exceeding 90 miles per hour? Everybody with the winning team!

The dang thing cost ten times more than it did when you were a teenager? Then, there’s the maintenance and up keep, insurance, tags and title and you still ain’t got a driver’s license?

The value of a car depreciates, do we as human beings? So if you don't think you are and you purchased a car knowing its not worth it's value... You can't win every time.

Do you realize how many people are harmed, hurt and/or killed due to automobile accidents? While you are just going to work, grocery stores, visiting a friend...

Is that by design? Is that dangling the carrot the American Way, will that get you there?

(((your inner

Here you go, Two Giant Easter Eggs!

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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