How Do You Become A People Who LOVE?

Understand it is hard as hell to tell a person who knows everything anything, fixed emotions and thoughtlessness. We boast about how much we love God and all about how good Christians we are, but if you don't love people for who they are, how in the hell can you expect people to love you for who you are? You cannot love God and hate people. Teach yourself to love people and you will have taught yourself to love God, the same way as you want people to love and respect you.

Imagine there's no heaven or hell, just living life in peace? To become a people who love people you must first become a person who cares and that means delivering at least one act of caring daily.

Every act of caring makes the world a better place and boy, making up would be a beautiful thing! Sharing a legacy of love starting with ME.

(((your inner

 Love to Love - Your Inner Voice

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YOUR inner voice

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