Beginning Farmers

How does someone with no experience get into farming, in America?

Of all the time and effort spent trying to get away from farming... Just to become 50 plus years old and going back and this seems to be the story for many more Americans.

I'm a firm believer, he who feeds you controls you and we're doing too little to feed ourselves! This has made life much more complicated, treacherous, ludicrous... What kind of person is it who does not want to feed himself? How can it be more economically feasible for the majority of people to grocery shop when all people must eat? Is that why we're so in-debt and credit? Is that how and why prices soars out of control? Is it a commitment to be a slave for the money or a commitment to be a caretaker of the land? How do you negotiate this madness?

Anyhow, I'm looking for a farm, without breaking my back or bank. To address the needs of low-income people to ameliorate the causes and conditions of poverty.

How does someone with no experience get into farming?

Is there any type of assistance for people looking to get into farming? The information is overwhelming, just leading to more and more information. I ask myself if the pioneers had to  go through this redtape/bull would America be what she is today?

What was their Purpose, Plan, Produce and People. If you know all these answers why would you need help?

I'm a homeowner, lots of skills but seems none match any needed to qualify, lol. I have chickens, honey bees, garden... Makes you feel like you ain't much of a human being for not being able to figure this out. How does an American citizen, with no experience, money or land become a farmer? 

How do I ensure my farm is savvy, sustainable and successful? Is this just a plan, because if our country is not doing it, how can I?

My research shows there is land and money everywhere, but no way for a poor man to get to it, unless you're already money savvy? 

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