Birmingham, Birmingham, Money Lesson

What will misplaced priorities do for you?

Some will research statistical data and read the demographics of this, but my questions to you are, is it so, how is it helping? First, they ain't never told the truth and what good is any employment or entrepreneurship, education... when all it does is,,, "stress the hell out of its participants"? What good are those lies compared to immigrant workers and business owners? You must watch the lies because church goers go to church but still are the biggest hypocrites. We have more churches than ever, yet more unsaved people.

Money is a great temptation to me, just as with the best of them. But I was reminded as I spoke with one very distinguished Birmingham resident and educator. She said the bottom-line to all our problems is "MONEY, the lack of money is what holds us back".

What to do about our lack of money problem?

As I think back, we had less money, but accomplished more, here the problem was "more was not nearly enough". So, how has having more money improved our living conditions, economically and socially? In every instant we have significantly more, but less quality, even in people. We're victims of our own selves.

So much value has been placed on money, we know no other way and that is detrimental. What if I went from woman to woman because the next woman has more money than the last? Our country claims to be one of the wealthiest, yet have one of the greatest debts? How do you be both and to which lie do you stick?

The addiction to money is a tough one to rationalize and break, but it has to be broken.

Money has become king of our value system, it tops Character and Spiritual beliefs, which are what we were previously taught.

In talking character, who is this cat, Joe Minter and what is he to Birmingham?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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