Black Americans Ain't Shit!

Joke, funny, degrading but is it true and do Black Americans want the rest of the world to know their evil deeds in America? Ever had a constructive conversation with a Black American,,, hard to find, why? The Libyan slave trade is live and well in America, why?

American officials denies any wrong doings in using jobs and gestures of equal opportunity employment to further disguise their continued inhumane treatment of African-Americans in America, as reported on a website called ((( ... but are only White Americans to blame?

Just as with Native Americans, White Americans see no harm in what they did and still do to maintain superiority over Native and Black Americans in America. They use these groups against each other causing themselves to appear superior, just as African-American youth are turned against their parents and just the opposite. The crazy part about this all is, “All parties accept this as the best they can do and accept these crimes, yet are too quick to discipline, even taking military action on outside forces for the same slave crimes”.

Do you call, going from slavery to being able to apply for racist jobs offered by former slave owners “gainful employment”? Should African-Americans even be required to pay taxes in America, much less work? Is there any honor/justice in a slave paying taxes on free labor extorted from his own people? Could it be considered an honor for African-American to be allowed to work in America or does it appear as our sworn enemies are passing the olive branch by acting like they are creating equal opportunities, for their former slaves to be treated as human beings, by who? Why do Black Americans accept this form of “mistreatment”?

What does the Libyan slave trade mean to Americans and what does the African American Slave trade mean to the world, why? It is a sad day when lions have so programmed deer into thinking they can work their way to becoming lions and this is best form of safety and security of all concerned, yet lions are still allowed to prey upon deer but not the opposite and all is well in the world??? Why cannot the lions become deer and why is this notion considered without honor, not plausible?

From the top to the bottom and from bottom to top, “Black Americans ain’t shit”. Another Black American would say something like, “speak for yourself, you ain’t shit…”, but this is just another excuse for not being shit.

Really, it does not matter from which country you are because this thing is “worldwide” and Black Americans are no exception but the greatest culprits, because we falsely see ourselves as above, beyond, exempt from any hurt, harm or danger…as long as we do not piss off our sworn enemy, lose his favor and protection, which we do not want anyone else to know.

We are grossly misinformed, misguided and in a serious state of denial about The Trans-Atlanta Slave Trade still flourishing in America. Many of us even disassociate ourselves with the notion of being Black Americans because it is so degrading, masters of dividing and conquering, so what are we creating? Why is the notion of being of African descent in America so degrading, because our main goal in life is to emulate our sworn enemy? Do we view ourselves as individuals or as one people? Can we be individuals?

How does the people in charge of America view Black Americans, do they view us as individuals or as a people? Many would say the do not care but think about this because it does not help. They view us as individuals to keep us divided, from those niggers who pose the greatest threat to exposing the violence and abuse they levy against us, just because they want us to believe we are defenseless against them and many of us want us to believe this. They view us as a people when it comes to discrimination and those of us who managed to avoid scrutiny are happy because it was not a direct attack this time, they always let one individual safe.

What do I mean and how can I refer to a group of people as large as the group of Black Americans, numbering in the millions as “not being worth a shit”? What else do you call a group who will work for their enemy but not for themselves? We are so toxic for and to each other, in order to live a better life, Black Americans flee from Black Americans, our communities and anything else associated with Black Americans. Why do Black Americans, achieving a certain amount of success, move from other Black Americans? How can it be considered natural for a group of people to seek a better life amongst the very people who consider them their enemies? How can it be considered natural for a victim to desire living in housing built by their sworn enemy, more than by housing built by their own people? How can your own people be considered more toxic for you than your sworn enemy? Why does our enemy put up with our asses seeking safety and security under their dress tail?

I confess and am doing the very best I can to change things and what is wrong with bringing the truth to  your attention, how do we correct the  problem if we never admit and is what I am saying true?

In America, if it was not for the mercy of our sworn enemy, Black Americans, Black Americans would have to choose another standard by which to judge themselves. We miserably fail to police ourselves and then we measure our level of success by the levels of success we are they are able to achieve within the world of our sworn enemy. Why cannot we excel beyond his limits? Why do you feel obliged to learn and grow by attending schools operated by your sworn enemies, in order to qualify for his jobs, earning his money to purchase his houses, cars, appliances,… living his life, even adopting his religion? How can a deer ever be comfortable living in peace and harmony amongst lions?

Black Americans ain’t shit and will never be shit because they strongly desire to live like a people who have historically mistreated us and proven themselves “not shit”. We actually want their shit and out to prove we can earn their shit more than they want their own shit. Matter of fact, it is more profitable for them to sell us their shit than it is for them to make shit just for themselves.

Black Americans ain’t shit and never will be shit because we ain’t responsible for shit, other than what our sworn enemy allows, which is no different than any other caged animal and we are quite content with this second-hand mistreatment from our sworn enemy. We are pressured into a desire to be recognized by our enemy, in that he may slay anyone else but us. It is the sacrifice we are willing to make to live in his racist world versus taking steps to create our own.

It is a bad thing when you must refer to your parents as “not being shit” because they were too eager to prepare you for loyal and faithful service to our sworn enemy, while discrediting service to our own. It is even a graver situation when you must call out our leaders, preachers, teachers, professionals… for being guilty of the same old treacherous bullshit. How could they, how can they not see we are victims being prepared as prey for our sworn enemies? How could they not see through all the lies, scams and why are they so eager to profit in the systems of their sworn enemies, by leading their own kind past “the lines of no return” and into the traps of slavery? We justify this process of luring and pressuring each other with PROFITS and these profits appear to be more lucrative than ones we create ourselves. We convince ourselves to feel good about these dead-end jobs, making a game of misinforming, misleading each other and bragging about how much money we make furthering the slave trade, exploiting people, land and resources, fraud, waste and abuse. But when we ask ourselves is and how are things getting better, we know they are getting worse.

Bottom Line: We do not love ourselves. It is a rude awakening, today is no different from the era of our ancestors happily participating in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nor the Libyan slave trade. Today is even worse because America has accepted dead-end jobs as their way of participating in the same modern day slave trade, as doing business as usual and have the nerve to view the Libyan slave trade in outrage. Don’t we make good masters and slaves???

The slave trade in America will not change until the slaves change and it is the same in Libya.

(((your inner

 Pretending like it never happened

Pretentious Bitches

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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