Black Cowboys Man or Myth 2013

May 4, 2013, Greenfield Farms,  Rembert, South Carolina: The annual Black Cowboy Festival, Rembert just outside Sumter, South Carolina is about as rural as it gets, but this great Cowboy event, sponsored by Mark and Sandra Meyers united Americans from all over the United States, in a special light.

Good wholesome Black sponsored events don’t get much press or publicity. It’s very inspiring to be in the midst of Black people who greets with a sincere smile and enjoy sharing their skills. You hear negative press all the time when black Americans gather together in great numbers and most of the time it’s about something other survival skills. However, this event was about survival labor and skills provided by blacks, both past and present; and told the history and role of Blacks as America struggled to be “the land of the free”. That’s odd based upon the Black situation in America today. What schools or training did they attend? Now, why do we need to attend school to teach the very same skills we developed to save their asses? It’s even more enlightening to learn these types of events are being held all over the country, throughout the year.

Who can deny the likes of Bill Pickett…,  of yesterday who invented the sport of Bulldogging on his horse… David Sims, Professional Farrier and …Robinson, one of the best horse trainers of today? This event is a confirmation that Black Americans have not lost all their survival skills of yesterday and still practice and place great value on them today, especially when it comes to horsemanship.

It’s reassuring to know some of us appreciates and understands the critical need for us to get back to the basics and are doing something about it!

The Greenfield Farms is owned and operated by Mark and Sandra Meyers who started the Black Cowboy Festival all over raising money for their church. More photos...

Read more about Mark and Sandra Meyers here: Black Cowboy Fest Official website

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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