Why do Blacks in Positions of Power Turn oN their Own

Who is the authority in America? Is it you are the people who employ you?

Is being validated by Whites so important you lose yourself? We don't want to admit it but Blacks in power, under the current state of affairs, are just figure heads helping to carry out the strategic plans of their White counterpart, which is designed against them. However, profits are the excuse for becoming a traitor to your own people. We ignore the idea and notion of the possibility of a strategic plan to derail the cause of Black people while furthering the cause of our counterpart. You can be a great Black leader, but cannot focus on the needs of Black people, a people who need help most. As long as what you're doing first benefits the pockets of Whites, then it is okay for Blacks to get crumbs. These Black figure heads are so self-absorbed in their efforts to help the White job market, they ignore the bigger picture

What is the bigger picture? The bigger picture is the original intent, which was to advance yourself in order to advance the people around, including the people of your own race. My point, why are the needs of Black people always second or nonexistence to the needs of whites? Why do we feel to be on top we must crush our brothers. Why must we compromise our own integrity to prove loyalty and commitment to a people without our best interest at heart? We do have brothers don't we? Why would you treat a white brother better than you treat your own?

Once our successful Blacks call themselves "making it" then they want to turn back and tell us why we ain't... Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby... somehow the notions is Blacks are never good enough as we are. There's us and them and money is the only difference. They become a greater victim to the very shit we call ourselves trying to avoid. Bill Cosby is a psychologist, don't you know he knew what he was doing was not acceptable. Don't you know all them awards he received was not deserved? Who made him bigger than life, who made the man with this kind of behavior the authority for the rest of us?

Why must Blacks feel the need of having to "go along to get along", in order to be successful? Why do Blacks in authority think white folk ice is colder than black folk ice? Do Blacks support the notion of Blacks being inferior to Whites?

My next point is, Black success is alright as long as were helping to carry out the White man's agenda and when they deem you a traitor, Blacks find themselves "out on a limb". White people want to punish them and Black people are hesitant to throw a life line, due to the separation created while seeking favor from the White man.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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