Bringing Me Out of The Hole

Conditioned to thank God for the wrong shit, unless you think God created you to live in darkness...

Do you think God wanted us to live like we're living, then wake the fuck up!

White Black Man is now accompanied by Black White Man! Now, what's wrong with this picture?

Now, some don’t even realize they’re in a hole. Life is a hole and everyday you must do something to stay afloat.

Most of us have conditioned our thinking to pretending to be happy, gainfully employed. We dress for the occasion and work to mimic what we think others want to see. Therefore, we're quite comfortable thinking nobody knows. The danger in all this is, we’re deceiving self and we’re camouflaged and poised to take advantage of any unsuspecting victim. The crazy thing about this all is, when the trap door closes on us, we want to raise all this hell.

We see what we do, outside of working for the man, as our own business, but is that true? Are we really able to separate what we do for the man from what we do for self or is it a hole in one? Am I working to build a better life or am I working for profit? Are you investing in the stock market to measure your success? Is success one thing for you and another for others? Can you define your own script for success or is it already written?

When you look at corporate America, all is well as long as situations benefit them, but the instant corporate America learns it isn't working out for the advantage of the people, what do they do? Remember how cheap stuff used to be? Well, anymore corporate America has resulted to selling the same inferior products and services for higher prices and we all accept this scam as inflation. My question to you is: Working things this way, how can we ever illuminate inflation and keep things from spiraling out of control?

As long as you are happy or see no reason to come out of the hole, why should people who benefit cease?

Are you fearful of the light, when the light is truth? Have you resigned yourself with being comfortable in darkness? Are you designed to live in darkness?

For a human being to live in total darkness is the same as “never being born”. Your life is a constant terror and there’s no peace anywhere.

You see people wake up early and the first place they want to go is to “The Store”, shopping even when they don’t have money. Have you seen these people sitting on the corner, under a sign saying, “NO LOITERING”? The idea being to force these people to go to work, even if that means using police force,  but did that change the mentality? Shopping has evolved into the primary thing to do in life. Our highways and byways are littered with unnecessary shopping plazas, malls, centers, outlets… just to appeal to keeping you in debt to them.

Then when they do get a dime, they buy beer, cigarettes and junk food… more inferior goods and services. Is that why everything in America is made somewhere else? Are we outsourcing our own future, by choosing the wrong means of occupying our time?

When you define and limit yourself to your own script for success, you never will make it because we ain’t satisfied with shit. Then, our thinking is so designed we cannot see past “one day at a time”. Not one of us knows when is our last breathe, but we’re selling life times. What exactly is a life time warranty, is it just another marketing tool, another empty promise?

If you do not question your darkness by seeking light, it’s like not knowing poison will kill you.

(((your inner

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YOUR inner voice

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