Is Burning Natural gas safer than burning Wood?

The thinking of our society? The risks over safety and security?

Natural gas being piped in under the neighborhoods like it presents less danger than any other source of energy? for every home to have natural gas, how did we get responsible people to decide it would be more economical to pipe natural gas all through our land so people can cook, clean and  be warmed by a source as flammable and combustible as natural gas.

How could we convince our society who knows wood alone is nowhere near as dangerous as natural gas to accept the notion of taking on the task of piping natural gas, over burning wood? To transport trees for burning is far less hazardous than transporting natural gas.

Making a more productive society, burning natural gas, less dependent, more independent, cleaner,,,how do you sell this to a wise people, a people who can see farther than the end of their nose?

I know the number of accidents involving wood burning appliances and now I wonder about the same statics using natural gas? How many unexplainable explosions occur in the use of natural gas as our primary source of warmth, cleaning and cooking? Could it be we are more careful with the most dangerous choice than we are with the safer choice?

Why would we accept the risk of using a more combustible product over what is proven and do the same thing with less middle people involved. How can a country become more independent by  becoming more dependent? 

Are we just that too lazy to use what we already know? Is it like the dog with a bone in his mouth seeing a reflection of a dog with a bone in his mouth and he was so greedy to have two bones, he failed to see it was only an illusion?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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