COON Hunting Club USA


What's located between the rock and the hard place?

Guided Coon Hunts, by COON Hunter’s Club, USA

Your safety and security is no safer or secure than the person with the key!

Guided coon hunts, Coon Hunt Adventure Experienced and done the good old fashion way. How do you keep your dogs from fighting anything and everything but the coon? Things you never knew about the importance, the why this profession was ever created/started?

Why don’t more people coon hunt today? Is it not necessary, why is the demand for pork, chicken, fish, beef so high?

Why do people coon hunt, why are you? Another opportunity, what can you take away from this coon hunt to make your life better, in order to accomplish your next great adventure, experience nature the old fashion way.

As long as “they” know what you like to eat they will feed you? Now, what kind of care-giver are you? We’re “all” being fed, it “all” has to do with how, what, from whom.

Does being any kind of vegetarian compensate for skipping the four or five meat groups? Will you be any more safe or secure from eating their vegetables? IF the pigs can’t drink the water, OMG. Does bottle water make this go away? Does it alleviate, remove any of these hidden dangers? And they have our asses captive over here. Well, you’ve got yourself captive. You make even easier for your captives to keep you captured.  

Get Your Coon Hunt On!

(((your inner

Creating Things Are Revealed

Sanford Ross, Coon Hunter and Guide

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


What do like minded-people have in common?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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