Can Black Men have fun With Black Women

This is a helluva question. Why would you love someone who does not understand how to love themselves and are not willing to learn? Why are we turning to other races for peace?

Can Black Men have fun With Black Women? Why is there so much cheating within the Black community? To whom do you turn for guidance and is it guiding you properly? Do we have a good understanding? How can you listen to the man you rendered powerless?

The real question is why are BlacK American men embracing the notion of having more fun with White Women, for whom they have historically been denied and punished?

Today, there is great conflict within Black Americans. This conflict constitutes things like domestic violence, abuse and even more detailed is “Black on Black, Black women against Black women, Black youth against Black parents and Black youth against Black youth, and seniors ” crimes. See the Willie Lynch Theory.

First, there self. Based on how Black Americans are raised, we are taught we are not good enough until we meet certain standards established by someone other than us??? The crazy part about this all is, it pits individuals against each other, just like with church and this conflict burns from within. Is it that Black Americans do not have the resources to be interdependent?

There is family. It is hard to grow up against the family in which you were born. Much of how you see what you see will be determined early on in your childhood. If practicing one thing and doing another (((deceit))) is dominant within your family, you will do this until you can do otherwise and this produces a great learning curve for those of us who lives to see this day. It is synonymous to being freed but due to the fear factor you find it better to stay in slavery than to venture out on your own.

There is community. When you see the doors of the plantation as your greatest limits, then you already know.

Is it that Black Americans do not have the resources to be interdependent? Here in is the self-inflicted confusion. What resources and from where do they come? If the resources you perceive you need to be what you need to be are provided by someone other than you, then your level of confidence has already been infested and a false sense of security created. You will develop low self esteem and turn on your own kind because you view them as a threat to your survival.

Now, can you have fun with Black Women? Black women are a hard nut to crack. They know more about White Women than about themselves. It is white women, the white women today, who they emulate and white American women are the absolute most treacherous bitches to ever walk the face of the earth, why? Because they supported things like attempted genocide, The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow, racism, violence and abuse. They use the White man, who is the absolute most violent being ever to exist, to carry out their evil deeds, so white women walk away smelling like a rose or the proverbial wolf dressed in sheep clothing.

It is our women for whom men work and they determine our standards, what we do for fun and this natural has been so compromised. Today, those ideas of having fun are so corrupted with selfish gains, by destructive means, with severe consequences for which we blame each other. Overwhelmed by confusion, chaos, corruption we are the greatest threat to our own existence and this threat is being led by our women.

It is all about who can first get to the reward crumbs thrown out by our masters of deceit and in this, a sense of being superior and inferior is created. You have now grabbed what I too wanted and it is not enough and/or not willing to share.

If Black women attempted to more abstain from the lifestyles of the rich and famous then Black men would be raised so. If Black women were able to live by their truths within, then Black men would still be their man of choice.

Black men are rendered powerless in America, only as much as it does not threaten them, but not reciprocal. So, whose words carry the most weight, those of your master or those of your man? Now, how can you demand a monogamous relationship? Why is what you do for the devil more important than what "we" can do for each other? Temptation is a motherfucker.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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