What’s the topic!

How does a dollar make you holla.. What do you see as amusing?

Have you seen or experience sick ass fun? I mean sick ass amusement? Now, will ask me to define, but I didn't created.

You see it a couple and then you say you don't want to see it anymore, but I ask you how long did slavery last?

Sycamore, Florida, did you ever see the amusement of a nigger being electrocuted, for a dollar, a dollar will make him holla! Are they the stupid ones or are the spectators the stupid ones or is there nothing wrong? Remember when the Georgia State Patrol used dummies made up like niggers for target practice? Does this tell you who they want to kill? Different kinds of entertainment, and this shit is real.

Drastic and Desperate Measures

What’s the topic? All of sudden quiet. Don’t waste time, do what you’re going to do because time is valuable. My time is very valuable.

You would think people wouldn’t do such stupid things. If you do wrong and you know you’re wrong it will soon catch up to you. Can you handle the consequences? Do you want to lose your job, spend the rest of your life in prison, be sick, lame and you have the nerve to try and cover it up. Why do you want to imprison yourself? Our jails are overflowing.

Have we created a society that drives good people to desperate measures? Drastic times call for drastic measures, but the problem is we’re so hard pressed we don’t the difference between drastic and desperate measures.

Capturing the Moment in the pursuit of happiness. How do you express happy feelings? Do you keep them for yourself or do you spread them all over?

Drastic being extreme or severe, with desperate being hopeless, beyond hope, reckless, without regard to danger or safety.

It’s been a long past few days. Can’t be thankful enough? What is there interesting about paying a dollar to see a nigger holla?

You are paying them to show you what they're doing to you. Curiosity killed the cat. One person sticks a dollar in and everybody can see and it's very profitable.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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