Character for Americans

Why does the truth hurt? Something we claim to cherish so dear and ...

it's nowhere near? Why would anyone suggest you tell something that hurts so bad? Why do we put so much emphasis on telling the truth, yet getting further and further from what is true and real? How is this possible?

Honor your parents, be good to your family, work harder, go to church, go to school and you'll get a good job...???

Why would anyone suggest doing something that hurts so bad? Why would anyone renege on doing what we know prosper you the most? Does the truth really hurt or does it make you feel much better? Why would you want to embellish the truth a little?

When you participate in activities in America, do you really feel American?

Some would say, we’re already there, it the best of the worse, we need more God, Guns and Gold, everybody needs to receive Jesus, go back to school, get job, legally married, get off government assistance, doesn’t leave much more does it? But why do you keep saying that when we’re failing miserably in all those areas? How can you keep suggesting that or those kind of things when they have absolutely nothing to do with what’s actually required to live? They are things we’ve substituted, add-ons, additional requirements, another thing we’ve inserted to further complicate your life.

Is it customary to don a suit and tie daily? How did a suit and tie become the premier attire for working or church, doesn’t even sound right does it? Does this remotely resemble anything we’re supposed to be doing when conducting business?

Another thing we do to prove our lack of character is “proper church attire”? In what is supposed to be an atmosphere for spiritual worship, why would we desire the most expensive, semi-formal, formal dress we have? Why don’t we do more at creating an atmosphere conducive to people who are not properly prepared, isn’t that’s the way it’s supposed to be? Why create an atmosphere to possibly cause anyone to feel lacking, slighted?

Another is our best communities – gated, off-limits. Our best communities are unaffordable or undesirable, but how did we come to this? We’ve stop creating communities which are easily maintained.

Character in America will not get better until we understand what character really is and practice.

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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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