Child Molestation Men to Boys

Are you listening? You live to be set free here today.

By what kind of men are we surrounded? What would make you want to rape and abuse a child? What encompasses child molestation?

The abuse or after-math, which is worse? Abuse anywhere is abuse everywhere - waste, fraud and abuse!

To the molester! You know! What kind of men do we have, when one (1) in every six (6) boys are being molested? What does that say for family values? Are they only lower class, uneducated, poverty stricken men? Or are they family, friends, and professionals? Are you any better than the common prisoner?

How could strong, protective, well intentioned men betray young boys? What does that do for our future? How can you lure them in steal and violate their innocent childhood? How can you rob them of their sexual identity? Why would you want to betray children or anyone for that matter? How can you even call yourself a man? Why do you prey on small children, is it because they are defenseless? Does it make you feel like a better man or person? Do not you have to be mentally and emotionally sick? Is it okay to humiliate yourself and a child for the rest of your and their lives?

Child Molestation is an overt act of betrayal, illegal sex acts committed by an adult to a child. In America, it is out of control and often goes without interference or interruption - denial. Child molestation is disrespecting and disregarding all human beings and causing us to lose a good sense of our sexuality. A blind eye is too often turned to child molestation. Cruel and unusual punishment, you are all the darkest things you can think of. You know you are evil or you would not do it behind closed doors.

Acting like nothing is wrong, parents, friends and family members, how could you not know? You have a responsibility and that responsibility is “to know”. There is always Evidence in child abuse and neglect cases. There are no excuses for allowing your child to be repeatedly sexually abused or any other kind abuse, especially by another man. If harm does come to your child it is a lick on you, not the child. You do not listen!

Hard to talk, especially when victimized by men? By what kind of people are we surrounded? To the victims, you had no control. Do not feel guilty or ashamed for something you could not help, for it has already happened. Accept the past and use this moment to move forward.

This brings to question gay and lesbian lifestyles? Is there an age limit? Who is off limits? Why is it so hard to talk about?

To potential victims, you must know either before or afterwards. You are the future to child molestation, muster the courage to confess and help break the evil cycle of child molestation. Talk about it openly to help others feel the same. Do not stop until you find someone that will listen. Make that your number one priority to STOP CHILD MOLESTATION.

Somehow we all have to be responsible and vigilant to help stop child molestation. You lived to be set free here today. In speaking the words you can lose the shame.

Home sweet home?

(((your inner

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