Children Ever Come Back Home

Pursuit of life, liberty and Happiness

Lots of preconceived failures causes deceit and depression. Should your Children Ever Come Back Home? Does the economic situation dictates who comes back home?

Why did they leave in the first place? Is it a temporary or permanent thing? The empty nest syndrome, would you like to experience that?

Why do our children leave home anyway: independence, to become more productive citizens, follow their dreams, build their own families…?

Must you push them out and is that the same as "away"? How do you go away from home, to help your community grow? How do you go away from anything and call it working together? Is that why our communities are the way they are? Is that why we have so many broken relationships, can’t get along…?

What we’re doing has a lot to do with who we’re following and so far it is netting us a “big fat zero”. So many are lying and current situations prove it.

Are we really preparing our children to leave? All other animals prepare their young to leave and they never return. We human beings have emotions and we take advantage of our emotions to get what we want. The rich maintain their lavish lifestyles from the weaknesses of poor people and the vicious cycle continues. What happened to character?

We are a delusional people and refuse to be honest about our situation. Money is like shit, you must spread it around or it smells. One percent of the efforts of a hundred men or 100% of my own effort, which is more prosperous???

Should our children/young grown ass people leave home, where are they going? To start your own life, must you leave someone else? If you did, you never would nor will understand what's truly going on. Lack of money or economics should not be the determining factor. Why do we avoid what others embrace - Hispanic, Towel heads...

Is there anything to a good family eats, works and prays together stays together, which is the Pursuit of life, liberty and Happiness

(((your inner

Accomplished People

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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