American Children Growing Up Stupid

How do you win a war and are we really winning, says who?

Do Black Americans add value to a community? Are we an asset or deficit to life and living? Stupid Again?

Why do Black Americans have to flee their own communities in order to "make something" of themselves? Why do Black Americans have to prove something in order to be accepted by what society considers to be "well established communities" prior to be allowed to move in? Why are Black Americans such a threat, especially to Black Americans? Why aren't Black Americans considered to be the most loving people, with all this church going, God fearing, I love God kind of phony ass attitudes. Why can't Black Americans validate themselves?

Why are Americans considered to be so arrogant? Americans have some of the dumbest ass ways i've ever seen. Why do we teach our children just the opposite of what they need to know, at home and in school? If our children are growing up stupid, what does that say about adult/parents?

We're taught to eat three  healthy meals a day, but how many of us really do that shit... Big Mac? Is it so we buy more groceries or is it to make us more healthy? If it is to keep us healthy then why is it so hard to do? With that much food provided, everybody would be eating FREE. But Americans are taught they don't need to work for shit. They just do all the fucking thinking while a less superior  human being does all the work, for little of nothing. What a fucking nasty attitude and you want to know if I've learned anything in school?

Respecter of Person and Property, we just don't respect the personal space of our neighbor, therefore we don't respect our own personal space. Nothing wrong with a short cut but why short cut through somebody else's camp site?

If parents are stupid how can you expect their children to grow up otherwise?

Want to know why our children treat our communities the way they do today? Have we become so segmented we’ve broken our value system link?

Our parents taught us the golden rule by which to live, so how did we get away from this? Have we become so assimilated we no longer care for each other’s well being? Instead of being accountable we’re flipping it and blaming the victim.

It’s because, following the wrong people, we now think it's okay for our children to deface the sidewalk of our neighbor, but you won't go over into those rich white folk yards with all that ghetto shit. It is “a shame” how black Americans treat black Americans and in their own neighborhoods and have the nerve to think we’re somebody.

Should your child be allowed to use side-walk chalk to write on the sidewalk in front of their neighbor’s home? It doesn't sound all that bad, but who wants graffiti written in front of their home? What about leaving toys and other shit they play with all over the community? Namely, them damn basketball goals we erect in the road? Just the fact the damn thing is in the road ought to be a wakeup call to any human being who allows his child to play in such a hazardous way. NOt only is this a road hazard for the child, but also a road hazard for drivers.

Where are all the mentors, 100 Black Men, NAACP, SCLC..., why in the hell would you support putting a basketball goal in the road? Better community leadership is what’s lacking. Where's the "it takes a village" mentality?

What might be an innocent act to you becomes a nuisance to your neighbor, so why would you encroach upon your neighbor? You wouldn’t want it done to yourself, why do it to others?

If we would properly address this one little rule, it would change the face of how one human being treats another human being the world over.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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