Children In War-Torn Aleppo Ask The Presidential Candidates A Question

Who put together this question and presented it to the American people?

Aleppo 2016

Have they talked with American children? Do they really understand what American children are struggling with?

How the hell do Americans get a responsibility way over in Aleppo when we ignore the responsibility of our children at home?

Many Americans will say our children receive the best we have to offer, but I am yet to see these American children. Americans talk about the middle class and earning more than 250 thousand dollars a year, I would even like to see this middle class. And Americans earning this kind of money do not associate with people like me. Which class is larger, poor or middle class? Which class has the most problems? Which class is more ignored? Why would Americans cater to anyone earning more than $250, 000.00 a year?

Every American I know is struggling like hell just to survive all these crisis. Even the rich have moved jobs elsewhere to avoid the astronomical costs of making shit in America. Wealthy people are predicting and betting on a stock market crash. Where do we get these Americans who are profiting like hell?  Are they responsible for bombings in war torn Aleppo, how?

It is Americans earning less than $250,000 a year who put their lives on the line defending America, why do that for Aleppo? What about veteran care?

Charlotte, NC 2016

So, to the kids of war torn Aleppo, wanting Americans to stop the bombing, I would like to share the video of the children in poverty stricken racist America and ask them to help stop the murders of innocent Blacks in America, Charleston, Charlotte, Ferguson, New Orleans, Chicago....

In 1996, 34,040 people died from gunfire in the United States. 31,328 people died from gun violence in 2010. 2013, 33,636 deaths due to "Injury by firearms"....

If we can seek and bring to justice all these foreign MF'ers, why cannot we seek out and bring all these racists or white supremacists to justice - hate crimes, terrorism, human rights violators?

(((your inner

Dallas Police Shooter Justified

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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