Church People and Guns

Whatever happened to non-violence?

There used to be a time when our society, especially church people, were against the use of handguns to resolve your disputes?

Who are these church people and why are more and more church people packing a hand gun, to church and on Sunday morning? How can you justify telling another battling country that battle is not a noble way to settle your dispute? To what are we going?

These church people are “so called Christians”, but in actuality they’re hypocrites, why? Because they say, “Thou shall not kill”? By arming ourselves, for what are we preparing, peace or war? Then, please tell me how do you see things are getting better? Is it the more armed we are the better protected?

Who are you going to shoot? Will it be “your same kind”? Is that cannibalism or what? What’s the difference between shooting each other and “eating each other”? Either way, you’re dead.

We say, STOP THE VIOLENCE, but progressively we’re falling victim to violent ways, in order to protect ourselves. So, what were you before preaching and teaching? Was it how to arm yourself, in an effort to defend against your own kind?  

With too many guns already on the streets, how is that helping? Why do you feel you need a gun to protect yourselves, especially when it would have been justified, to defend against slavery? If you did not defend against slavery, then, what are you defending yourself against today?

In an effort to instill more gun control procedures, how are you helping to make this a reality? How are you helping to make peace and harmony a reality? Are you any better than the criminals we arrest? What message are we sending to our children, killing each other is okay as long as you have a gun permit?

How is living in fear, the home of the BRAVE and THE LAND OF THE FREE?

God, Guns and Gold

Technology exceeds Moraity

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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