Coexisting Together

If we are not coexisting together then what are we doing and where is it headed?

Can we, as a people, exist together, same time, same place peacefully or will we be unable to coexist peacefully, as people? Coexisting is "living, loving, happy, fun, all the positive words".

Did God make a mistake? How can evil be rewarded with good? What's the problem here? There was a time when Americans coexisted together, however that time was prior to the arrival of Europeans in America. Upon the arrival of Europeans in America they brought nothing but chaos, confusion, destruction, disease and death; and yet "we" celebrate this as GOOD.

Are we working to be superior or are we working to be inferior and this bad disease is being spreaded the world over, faster than a wildfire.

So, in regard to coexisting, what is it we're doing? Am I the bearer of "bad news" or is it them? What do I get for making you aware of what was and what is? If we're not fighting to coexist then for what are we fighting?

The war is being waged against evil, while evil is not natural but a people manufactured immoral/unethical action. No people want evil, but all people want good, being good is peaceful and natural, and the incentive and reward for working. Good has nothing to do with money. So, why is this evil prevailing?

We're doing evil yet calling it good. We're seeking favor from the wrong people.How can a people want good for evil and evil for good? How can a people coexist in this convoluted state? How can a people take their enemies as friends and their friends as enemies? Why are the masses controlled by minority? Why does a larger good body of people fear a smaller evil body of people? Why didn't and isn't somebody coming to the rescue? The Seven Deadly Sins

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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