Common Courtesy

Have we out grown the ability to show common courtesy anymore?

Common courtesy is an friendly attitudal thing. It is supposed to be wisdom and community standards for how people should be treated. It was believed that common courtesy and basic politeness paved the way to happiness and respect in a polite society. They were gender and age specific.

Why has common courtesy escaped our society? What is it being replaced with?

Most importantly common courtesy was a way to keep us from being so rude to each other. It was also a way saying and showing our appreciation for each other. It was an additional safety and security measure. What is "common courtesy" to some may NOT be so common to others, that is why we were teaching common courtesy.

It could have been something so simple as offering any guess a drink water or something to eat, "Please," "excuse me," and "thank you".

I think our double standard system finally caught up to us and rather than apply it across the board, we decided it just was not worth it, we had more important things to do.

The disappearance of common courtesy, does it mean we are increasingly getting angry or annoyed with one another? What about spam, viruses, technology, are they any indication?

So, who stopped? Was it parents, schools, churches or society? Were common courtesies important and if so, how are we going to get them back?

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