Will Computers take over from Humans

It's amazing how some humans abuse all available to us! How fast can we go?

Is there a such thing as too much information or information overload? Has abuse of cell phones disrupted brain function too much? Do people realize how hazardous the car they drive is to their own health? Does it really need more improving or less?

Who believes machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence within the next few decades? Man existed quite well before computers and accomplished what we cannot seem to accomplish with a computer, why do we think what we have is so much better and easier than what they had?

Kind of crazy to think how something you build yourself will be the death of you, not too fruitful is it? But there are a few people who predict this scary phenomenon.

It's not hard to predict the disaster our country faces in the not so distant future but is a bit scary when we predict how it will come. It's like predicting your own death, which will cause strange behavior well before whatever was predicted. If we're all replaced, whose going to fix the computers? Then who will computers serve? Do you think the last man will realize the danger to himself?

I think computers will NOT surpass human intelligence because there's a realization point where enough is enough, it's no longer worth it and disaster will set in, but not due to computers but depression. Before computers replaced working Americans, immigrant workers will?

.. Even though we have what we refer to as advance technology and the job gets done cheaper; the entire process is being overwhelmed and quality suffers.

If you just look at transportation alone, the more automated traffic control we have, the more needed which says, it is just not working mostly due to abuse/improper use.  Whatever happened to respect?

We have more and better roads, faster hi-tech cars, but no one gets anywhere any faster due to work, high prices, fuel/oil problems, repairs, traffic jams, police, accidents, poor health, road rage, parking and construction. We actually have less time.

Though we can go further faster, the ever increasing costs and risks are so high and returns so low we can't afford to go anywhere. Though we've given up walking for riding, we've learned learning it is healthier to walk, whether we do it or not.

We are a service oriented people and the more we try to get out of that the worst things will be.

False marketing and lies mask what is actually happening versus what we want to happen - mind games. We're all about one thing and that's money and for those who realize that today and prepare will survive.

Would you be surprised to learn at least one man disguised himself as a robot just to survive?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!