The Cosby Lynch Mob's Revenge

“frozen, paralyzed, unable to move is what happened to them and now, to him. After more than a decade of seeking justice, accusations and denials, alleged victims formed a lynch mob, in hot pursuit of a very wealthy 78 year old Bill Cosby. After years of using his money and power to duck and dodge, the Cosby Lynch Mob finally caught up to his 78 year old ass and was able to expedite matters just prior to the Philadelphia statue of limitations expiring, within a couple of months.

A wise and understanding, bigger than life tv father figure, public moralist scolding “black people” for not acting responsibly and urging our young to pull up their saggy pants has fallen victim to  his own rhetoric.

Slapped with yet another charge of aggravated indecent assault Mr. Cosby is now, "just another one of them people he too often criticized".

So, what does all this mean? Not only have they proven he needs to pull up his own pants and start acting responsibly, they have proven to us, no matter how long ago you committed indecent acts, “our law and culture” still have the power to punish your ass, accept when it comes to them.

Inflicting hurt or harm against someone who has inflicted hurt or harm - revenge???

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Bill Cosby is he a Sex Offender

Cosby's infidelity

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!