Crimes Against Nature

How does a 9-5 job turn into servitude? There is a huge difference in something you created vs. something you were hired to do?

i know what natural is, that is working in harmony with nature, but what is unnatural? Even more what would be considered unnatural behavior?

Is it unnatural to have a job for which I am paid money for my servitude? When I become dependent upon money for everything I need then I have entered a state of servitude. Servitude is slavery or bondage of any kind: political or intellectual servitude.

The crazy thing about this servitude is I am ridiculed by my peers for refusing to participate, especially from those for whom I am to work. They have so designed the system to punish anyone refusing to participate in the 9-5 servitude. We justify this by changing the meaning of work to job and job to working for someone else.

Is my life meant for me to be committed to a lifetime of employment for someone who refuses to  help me? Am I to aspire to be big business, some corporate executive, tycoon, millionaire and is there any honor in being these? Do any of these descriptions help all people? Is there a way to help all people?

Help is another word to which we have given new meaning. Help who, how? We have gone from helping because you are a fellow American, to help in exchange for money.

You receive your paycheck and where do you go to spend it? You buy products and services provided by the same people who hired you to sell them, which is from where small business get their startup money or major deals. Ever heard the phrase: They pay you a hundred dollars and take back ninety-nine, so what has changed? This is the greatest scam and is even sanctioned by the government and it collects high taxes. Equal opportunity employment, more laws, rules, regulations and procedures and it goes down hill from there. With all this money being made, why do we have so many charitable organizations? Would they offer the same services if they had no money? Would a dentist see you if you have no money?

The way we have so designed our work ethics, a job is a violation of the laws of nature, therefore; a crime of nature, for which a negative consequence will be delivered.

Is it unnatural to treat a fellow citizen as a second class or anything less than elite? Another crime against nature,  how can one person deem or be deemed as superior to another, when we are all just trying to survive? Is dominance unnatural? Can you buy the services we need and if you did attempt to purchase any of them, would that change their meaning?

Are we supposed to be driving, flying and having no regard the animals, people we kill or the resources we exploit? Is that why we are experiencing global warming, depression and so much hatred?

Does our state of confusion and chaos exceed our state of peace and harmony? Is the state of peace and  harmony we claim to experience, the peace and harmony we know we should be experiencing? Why is it the more we do to achieve this harmonious state the farther away we get? Have we ever been without war?

It seems all we do today is unnatural. What will be the consequence of all this unnatural behavior? Is nobody gets help a plausible solution? What started as a good thing has become all about "the dollar".

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!