Day of Absence

Negro spiritual which suggests something Niggers need to do. White folks got holidays where they sit on their asses all day long, unless you call dressing in a bathing suit something, but Niggers... "a jackpot of jigaboos"

Are we really jigaboos, are we really this poison for each other, are we really this loyal to our sworn enemy and his ways?

If a person can dream whats funny and true, does not this tell you how needed it is? First niggers, act like they don't want to be referred to as niggers but when you see us at work, you know just how we earned this title.

It is unbelievable the level to which niggers will stoop, in order to please their white masters. Just the other day, I did a test. I was in a restaurant, niggers were in the kitchen and professional acting white girls were in the front. First, I could not believe my eyes, I was saying it ain't so, i know them niggers can do more than just be in the kitchen and I know these white folk are not going to put up with me bothering their niggers.

I ignored the little white waitress, so I could very boldly acknowledge the nigger in the back but he refused to speak back. Then, I acknowledge a second nigger in the back, he spoke, so I asked if he could come out and suggest something off the menu. This nigger was so nervous, so afraid even after being out front, to nicely suggest an economical meal/combo, for a good price...Now, it is amazing how them little white waitresses felt comfortable suggesting, but niggers said, "it's all good" and went to the back.

This was proof, how fucking stupid Black Americans still are. Then I went to a very wealthy neighborhood in Georgia, where a Black couple purchased a lavish home in a lily white neighborhood, overlooking a golf course and a pond. The husband was out playing golf and the wife entertained us. To be an elite black professional, she had no personality at all for black people but here is my point: What did she do to get that house and to whom?

Do you think she was happy to pay an outlandish price, just to live over there in the middle of all them white folk and she was sick and as black as tar, but very articulate in acting "white". All about how therapeutic the view was and I am wondering why this view is more therapeutic than a view in the neighborhood of your own people?

It is amazing how black folk see value in what white folk create and it is also understandable how white folk only see value in what they create, but very puzzling how black folk do not see value in what we create??? If it worked both ways, i could understand and now you understand why not.

Laughter is as effective as anger and a gust of fresh air among social and economic issues.

DAY OF ABSENCE. A satire about an imaginary Southern town where all the black people suddenly disappeared. The only ones left are sick and lying in hospital beds, refusing to get well. Infants are crying because they are being tended to by strange parents. The Mayor pleads for the President, Governor, and the NAACP to send him "a jackpot of jigaboos."

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!