Defending Black American Men

Don't even sound right does it?

Did you know defending a black man is unusual, taboo, less likely, not necessary, dangerous, not allowed… and a hard thing to do.

Even though they know otherwise, most would say a black man is treated "just like everyone else". But this is not so, never was and probably never will be and this ain't because a Black man deserves it, but because of the negative view of Black men, especially in America.

Black men in America are viewed as something to fear and because of that belief, certain procedures have been implemented and incorporated in our society to ensure the Black man is not treated with the same dignity and respect. There is always an excuse for treating us this way. 

Who defends White men? It's their system, designed to facilitate their ways, which coincides with intentions to discredit Black people; unless they assimilate.  Whites are able to use reasoning and logic to resolve their issues, however; the historical relationship between Black and White men caused a serious superiority complex to develop between the two, with White men believing they're superior to Black men and Black men inferior to White people. This superiority complex is still very prevalent today and result in Black American men having to hire White men to defend them.

Who do White men hire? Of course, white men and whoever they hire is usually inspired by justice and treats them accordingly.

Based upon history, why would anyone, in their right mind, present a White man to defend a Black man?

The system is so designed, even a Black man does not want to defend another Black man.

Defending a Black man depends on who is willing to be hired and how much money they charge?

 (((your inner


Being A Black Man in A White World

 A Beautiful Black Man Poem 

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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