Depending On Them

Do you?

On who do you depend.. Do you realize your own weaknesses... Are you asking for help, help to help who for what?

You hear people talk all the time about God, The Most High, The Most Low, but when it really gets down to it, on who do you, can you depend?

Why do you keep trying if you know you can't? On whom can you depend? Is it the more education, does it make you more or less dependable? Is it the money? For example: Can I depend on Mitt Romney?

Well, if it is only I on whom I can depend, why don't "I" just do it all by myself. What lesson have we learned from them? Can you do anything by yourself? Can you accomplish anything worthwhile by getting someone else to do it for you? Would you, do you appreciate it as much? Then, why would you try otherwise?

Have you ever seen a "dumb-ass-mother-fucker", is that whaT YOU would be? Does the President do anything by himself? What do you call people who practice doing things by themselves? What do you call people who use other people to do their dirty work, because nobody in their right mind will allow you to do something they want to do themselves.

LEt them know you depend on them? I depend on you to get the job done, like you depend on me to get the job done. I sincerely appreciate those of you sharing your light.

We are tired of excuses, promoting the wrong people, people who are not willing to get the job done, people who have sold their souls and are causing other innocent people to sell theirs. Weak minded mother-fuckers begets weak minded mother fuckers, I don't care how much religion, education, power....they think they have - wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.

I would much rather hear the truth from your heart, than a misquoted lie from someone else. Why else would i, do I depend on you? Why else would you depend on me?

If I am wrong please let me know. IF I have spoken out of turn, pls. let me know. IF I am on the wrong road, then please let me know.

How can I depend on someone who cannot depend on themselves? Are you dependable, accountable, do you really know or are you just saying what somebody else said?

There's comfort in knowing, kind words, strong feelings, a burning desire to succeed, to save the world as we know it, to enjoy doing it by sticking together, telling our truths. how else can you learn, if it is not your truth?

IF we cannot help/police ourselves, then who? Where's the respect,how? Is it all for me and me for all or the other way around?

WE do not have to justfy our existence anymore! We must validate ourselves and that is all about YOU!

(((your inner

If we want to survive, then we had better Get rich quick

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!