Desire and Opportunity People

Where are you, what are you doing?

Somebody is going to say, "there are plenty out there"? Are they daydreaming and wishing? Here is my contrast: I hear about the people who make the news, but in my community and surrounding area, there is nothing but rejection.

The wrong choices seem to be more available than the right choices, even in our friendships, relationships, teachings and that is the bummer.

I am old enough to know the struggle has not changed and this is not the struggle for race, but for life. Do you know it has gotten harder to live? Harder to find people of purpose in life and willing to share? Even we have more things like schools and churches we still have less community?

Does moving help? People seem to be moving around a lot more lately and the move seems to be a move to recover from their last move. The south migrated north and are now migrating  back south, but what changed?

Is this the hand I am dealt or are these a result of my choices? We have plenty of individuals portraying themselves as success, but as a people, as country, as a community, as a business, as a family, then how can it be an individual?

All this indicates the demand is far greater than the supply and if the supply is not met soon then somebody is going lacking. We have plenty of desire but what happened when the opportunity presented itself. Then we live to regret.

Who would not want to do something good and if you ain't doing something good, then what are you doing?

(((your inner

No Opportunity Wasted

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!