Your Head

Ever had people try to tell you how to live?

Do you think they really know about what they're talking? Now, I like sex just as much as the next man, but can you tell me what's really going on?

Dikes and Preachers

Women use to couldn’t be Preachers and Preachers couldn't be dikes, but now women can openly be dikes. Is dike a bad word? What’s the difference between a dike and a gay person? Really, what’s the difference in a dike and a heterosexual? Were heterosexuals really ever heterosexual? Were women always disliking men, were they just kidding about the way they said it should be? Why was homosexuality in the closet in the first place?

How can you tell me to be straight, act like boy, a man, a girl, a woman and now you want me to approve of this behavior, how is that? You’re saying I should be nonjudgmental, so how, why didn’t you, don’t you see this in Racism?

So what is a man to do with a dike, what is a woman to do with a dike, would it be to make her a lesbian?   Are we all the same? What happens when you get a racist dike, a dike who don’t want nothing but a black woman? You would rather work with a gay woman rather than a black man? Black men a shit are they, never have and never will be and why is that?

Black men ain't got no money, therefore they have no sense, no power and are quite unattractive for the camera? Like you say about Rap music, they're inferior to everything good and wholesome. And when they do get the one shot at the camera they create shit like LA Preachers, BET Goes To South Beach, The CAin Connection, Rain Bow Coalition, a million dollar house, holy and saintified, incarcerated/felon, Over-Educated, over-sophisticated, over-career, can't talk to us about shit that makes sense anymore. They pay us $!00 dollars and take back $200... We're all trying to be white or good enough to be accepted by whites? They call that civil rights, segregation, Jim Crow, integration and now what; everything but human rights? Are we now equal, treated any better, more opportunities, how do we treat ourselves? 

How do we get more when our country is getting less? When you dollar is buying less because it has less buying power, is it them or is it us? What about our valuable resources, are less or more? More rich land or now is it now more rich people? When I go to the bank are my opportunities the same, less or more as when they go to the bank? Really, who has the best credit score, me with no money or them with lots of money?

Are white folks our highest standard? Are they even their own highest standard? Do they even rank in the lowest of the lowest standards? Why am I considered oppressed, then who's the oppressor? It's sad but when you tell the truth, not just know it and say or doing nothing but contributing to the problem... but knowing it and acting upon it as to make a good difference.

How can the man who raped, pillaged and burned all these groups of people, including yours, be smart enough to gainfully employ your dumb ass? Why is it we need their money more than they do? Do you think this entitles you to live or is it living in their world?

Whatever happened to healthy food, clean clothes, affordable shelter, mass transit, import export and more of it? Why are we always assimilating?

What’s the difference between a white dike and black dike? Is there really a such thing as a Jesus Christ or is it OMG?

What exactly are you teaching me to be? Why has change been so prolific in areas of lesser importance? Why are our leaders becoming progressively less dependable, is that a sign, any indication of what's going on with their people? I ain't never understood why we kept all this sex shit in the closet no way? Now look!

How truthful do you want to be on my resume? Do you really want me out  of the closet?

What do you expect from our children, how do we continue to multiply? How do you expect our numbers to enjoy a healthy increase, as we actually decrease in numbers? Do you reckon that's a good thing?

Wouldn't it be better to have two men in bed rather than two women? Wouldn't it be better to have two women in bed rather than one? So, what's happening to this one woman one man thing, were we right, wrong or mixed up? 

(((your inner

Why would I want what you have, honestly? Do you see all the shit you wished you had? You wish so hard and now you're working

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!