Do People want to be GOOD?

Why do we portray ourselves as "a good people" when we know otherwise? Are you really in GOOD Hands? see why not.

Why can't you figure out what's good for you is good for the whole, proven by what's good for the whole is good for you?

I saw this commercial which implied "people on their own do not want to be nor do good"? It showed that given the opportunity we would chose otherwise. Now, why is that, out of all the good you claim to be doing?

That commercial was very real but as insulting as hell, and it demonstrated the true "dumb ASSES" we really are? How can you expect good if you aren't being good? How can you see the end result as being a good thing? How can you teach your children one thing while doing another? How do you expect them to prosper, not to perish?

I'm a very firm believer in "you get what you give and no matter what others do, I will be rewarded in the end, I don't care how many people go about the business of fooling themselves".

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!