Doing Business with China

Delivering cash on a fork lift? How does it work? Made in China, Made in Korea what's the difference.

How can you live in a wealthy country yet not be wealthy? If you had an opportunity to do business with China, would you?

Koreans have very competitive nature. Faster, faster, faster, number 1 in everything they put their hands on, no worries about the economy, get to the roots of your financial crisis.

Change, change but what have you done, what do you need to change, why? The world is changing, times has changed and you must change too.

Most graduates don't have a good job future, what will you do? Sales skills is what we must change, attract people, YOU must decide to be wealthy.

Escape, the only hope is to have hope, rays of hope. flee from despair by picking yourself up and focusing on the beams of light. Walk towards the light. Live a life of giving. Be responsible and do it no matter what. It's your decision. The same ole same ole, business as usual or change.

Do it for the sake of your families.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!