Doing Something/Anything worthwhile

What should I do before doing anything worthwhile even if I think it does not directly benefit me?

Living a life filled with woulda, shoulda, coulda....Very little sense of responsibility, commitment, loyalty to self...? We all want shit, but how do you get it? Does the saying "do unto others before they do unto you" mean anything to you?

What are we doing and where are we going, is that a we or me? Ever been so confused you can't do shit? You have to pay for every little thing and the shit you get is based upon the money you "don't want to spend"? Where is your investment? Are we ahead or are we behind, behind who? So, what makes you so ahead of anybody else or is that a inferiority complex?

Why don't we ever succeed at doing anything worthwhile, especially as a people? Are we really progressing or do we just act like we are? Are these successful people I see everyday, are they really successful or is it just my perception?

How, why do I feel they're more successful than me? Then why is their system of education the only system that counts for everything I want to be and do? Why do I think everything I do must be preapproved by them? Who preapproves them?

 As we work towards  peace, harmony, simplicity, why is chaos and confusion on an even more vast and complex scale? How do the East Indians, Asians, Mexicans and Europeans do what they want while I must wait for approval? Why are they always in front of me? How can they successfully own and operate, and I have to work a job?

Is it better to resist or go along with the program? Then you have no choice. What's our whole purpose in life and who are we here to help?

If I want to do something, anything worthwhile, I must first:

   A. Get a good understanding – Who, What, When, Where, Why and sometimes how. 

   B. Is it just for me or does it serve the purpose of the whole? Why is that so important, well it just depends on how successful you want to be. Doing things for self last just that long, then what? 

   C. Then do it and in a timely manner or is it all about YOU!

(((your inner

Lifelong Learning -

~Can We Ever Know Enough?~... -

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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