Street Gangs, Gang Violence, drug houses, why?

Who's fighting Drug Wars the World over, accept home? Where does drug abuse start, how? Do these people fight wars?

There are terrorists on one side and drug gangs on the other, what other choice do I have? Now, I've survived a lot of bullshit, including Jim Crow, Draft/Volunteer, Political prison, black balled, low self-esteem, hard times, does it ever stop, how old are you? It seems there's no shortage of hard times, fluctuating gas prices and all this shit is self-inflicted.

We'll admit it but who's taking responsibility? Once you start believing your own lies, well, you already know, your right has become wrong.

Ever really think about that? Your answer is a damn shame, isn't it? Our system of education, what are you telling yourself? Are you not responsible? Why the "them" and "us", until it comes to fighting your battles?

I've served with some very courageous and honorable veterans. If we treat our veterans the way we do, what does that say about everything for which "we're" fighting, them and us. Where is the United, or do you think "we are united"?

What good does it do for you to hate rap music when you don't even know your neighbor? Is he friendly or enemy, what about you?

There’s a community drug store, a church, a liquor store and then there’s the house. It seems to be the one house we’ve been claiming to clean up for years. We think we can discourage crime with random drug testing, but why haven’t we cleaned up these houses?

Personally, I’m for liquor houses, but that has nothing to do with your inability to clean them up. I see no difference in a common drug house from what I see in our local pharmacies. Before all this alleged drug abuse, we were doing just fine with our herbs. Now, somebody has gotten involved, somebody who thinks their smarter than you and I, and now what used to be a good and wholesome thing, is scandalized and believed to contribute to the detriment of any society. At least they're not pretending to be somebody they really aren't. Have you visited your local police station lately?

Do you really remember how this country was before "you" arrived? Yeah, long before you started all this industrial abuse bullshit, there was clean water to drink, good food to eat, beautiful pristine sites to see and now everything is through a website. How does FB and other social sites compare to what was already provided? No fights over immigrant workers, you were received with open arms. And now, you're armed to kill, defend and destroy. How do you defend what you own with violence? How does that work in your family? How do you treat violence with violence? Whatever happened to where there's a will, there's a way? Say's nothing about guns, court systems, and systems of justice, everything was already in place, otherwise you wouldn't have wanted to be here. The was no need for "NO LITTERING", NO LOITERING...OBESITY, illiteracy wasn't a problem. No welfare, wall street/main street, predatory lending, insurance fraud... A little friction is good, but why create your own? Is this any indication of how we will behave on the moon? ON the moon are there fuel shortages, racism, social and economic crisis's, is that what we bring? Why do we live in crisis in the land of milk and honey and call it democracy? How can we address everybody else's problems without having properly addressed our own? How can we tell anybody about the benefits of a piss test, lie detector, dna... when they haven't helped our own? Why the hell do we need dna? Doesn't that tell you, you've been all wrong?

And "you" only you claim improving it. Think about shit! How in the hell is what this we're going through today, better than what made you abuse this land, it's people and every single last one of its resources? And you call that improvement, profit, success, happiness, Christian.... Thinkaboutshit? Get yourself under control, collect your thoughts, do something to stop your wild ass mind from going crazy and causing the rest of us to think we're just as crazy? How is that a "be all you can be"?

Drugs are illegal and drugs are legalized, none of which has to do  with good and wholesome but all because some certain smart ass people abused our privilege to land and resources and now, we made us all suffer. Sounds a lot like that Adam and Eve bullshit. You tell me we've got gangs because Eve and Adam eat the forbidden fruit, then what are we doing? Is nothing forbidden to us, even weapons of mass destruction? At what lengths will we go to destroy the world, only to show how powerful we think we are?

If it wasn't for a "false sense of security" would we be going through all this security shit? Flying commercial airlines have become an embarrassing, humiliating, inhumane means of transportation. How much are people willing to put up with just to be able to ride in so dangerous as flying from one destination to another? We just can't get there fast enough and then what?

Now, we all together suffer because they pissed off their wrong people. Now, even though none of this has to do with your health, it's all one-sided because it just what "they" se. Are you saying the best way to deal with any problem is to make it illegal? Do we really ever think about shit? How does zero tolerance help the problem with alcohol? Any idiot knows the only way to deal with a problem is to deal with it’s root. IF you don’t try to understand why your children are abusing anything, you don’t do it by telling them NO. Even a dog warrants greater respect. Where are our awards systems, what happens when you get a school diploma? Why the hell go to school for twelve years of bullshit and then it decreases in value? Now, that you've gotten in, you don't welcome nobody.

Nowadays a high school diploma won't get you shit, but an opportunity to garner another worthless piece of paper? What good is the paper, the diploma when nobody honors it? Think on the long lines at the grocery store and there’s that one special ed high school graduate holding up the line? And to make matters worse, she’s standing behind the cash register, and now, these two are going at it. There’s one trying to appease to the other and they’ve forgotten all about the job. Ever go to Dollar General, some of their employees are certified lunatics. You wonder which school did they attend, at what grade did they “dropout”? None of this has to do with academics, but all to do with “following fucking instructions”? Who authorized you to carry on these long drawn out stupid ass discussions, when your line is as long as hell. Meanwhile your genuine, honest, hardworking customers are scurrying around for the shortest line, hoping for another cashier… Now, do you understand what happened to our jobs…, do we even care that “everything is failing? What's a person who turns their back on you, when you've falling into the trap they set, damn.

If these kind of human beings can muscle their way in the main stream population, then you already know the deal,… why educate? We're all just trying to better survive!

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!