EXTREMISM in America

Are we helping or hurting, what for understanding?

Islamic Extremists Refusing to be identified or not? Depending upon how radical and violent you are. Are we so equipped, are we so self-righteous, to radically threaten extreme violence to impose, what we call justice?

If recruitment is up, what does this mean? And if it’s up on both sides, what does this mean?

Why do we care to condemn and/or condone those who insult those fighting for a root cause? What happened to the good example? We don’t care what the cause is, it’s just that we feel the need to engage in more violent shit, so we can strut our power or is it our greatest fear Islam will? What else are we going to get?

If it turns out we are the more powerful, what does this mean? Being the most powerful family in America, what does that mean? Is this bullying or what? If we fight violence with violence, what is the best outcome? Does violence bring about peace or forced submission? Does force submission mean the bully is right? Does taking side help to bring understanding? Is there anything gained by forcing anyone into submission? Is there anything gained by killing Sadam, Osama, Martin Luther. Is this a result of ruling by power, a show of force?

If I know you would “kick my ass” if I came in your face telling you about “kicking your ass”, am I not inviting or provoking a “good ole fashion ass kicking”? Where is the mediator in all of this and why isn’t one needed?

The main thing we want to head off is the main thing we’re doing – threatening, making terroristic threats?  A terroristic threat “is a crime” generally involving a threat to commit violence communicated with the intent to commit violence.

What do you call this? What do you call one person threatening another about threatening another? One country saying to another country to cease and desist? What happens when legal penalties stop working? Are we coming to get you? Then who’s coming to get us and what do you imagine the outcome or are there no consequences?

Is this what we refer to as EXTREMism? Is it another word for CRAZY? Extremism is the refusal to listen and understand both sides. To bring about peace we need to fully understand and support both sides, creating the atmosphere, not one greater than the other.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!