The Current Economic and Social Order

Standards-making and problem-solving meeting with fear of retaliation

Standards-making and problem-solving equates to our economic and social order.

Your economic situation directly correlates to your social situation and vice-versa. Don’t you think we’ve had enough time to balance this by now? Why is it the more we work at it, the wider the gap? The more we work at balancing the budget, the more budget there is to balance, what kind of shit is this?

The astronomical costs of quality living and individual satisfaction is unaffordable and the way our system is designed, we will always be needy and greedy.

A comprehensive economic and social system,  prices, markets, supply and demand, competition, wages, interest and exchange rates and the bullshit goes on and on. The bottom line is “What’s in your pocket”? More and more we’re guided away from trading with anything other than money. It is just hard to get contractor to build a home for a truck load of apples.

Today, I was chatting with a man and he made all this comprehensive bullshit really simple, but saying, “It’s just money. The government will make lots more tomorrow and it still won’t be worth shit.” The more we make the higher shit cost and we find all kind of complicated language to disguise efforts to control and maintain the current economic and social order. Why would those in power be eager to share that power? They fear losing it and by now, they fear retaliation.

The idea driving this whole economic and social order train is::: “I don’t want you to get more than me”. This further translates to, “I don’t want you to be more successful than me”. This translates even further to say, “I will do anything to keep you down.”

Then, why can’t we all be in the same economic and social class, no matter the material shit you have? What makes the likes of billionaires more important/richer than poor people? Why must you have money to get everything you want? Does having money make you a better person?

To live a quality life is all but unaffordable to the average American citizen. Why must you work like a slave to achieve what should be a “right”? Don’t we need each other? Don’t the rich need the poor just as much as the poor need the rich? So, how did this inhumane difference come about?

If we’re so prosperous, why does it take so much money to achieve quality living? A person who cannot manage their emotions cannot manage their money.

Really, we don’t want shit to change.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!