What does excessive mean?

Our society does not want to know the definition of excessive so we make the definition very ambiguous, but here it is in any form.

People often say, excessive depends on your definition, which makes it even harder to understand what excessive really means. Excessive has nothing to do with how much you think you can tolerate, but all to do with knowing when to stop.

In a society where excessive violence and abuse is the norm, how do you know when to stop? Once we think we like something, we’ve got to have more of it and we’ve got to have it now, no matter the cost. We have an inordinate desire to consume more than what is required and in every case it works against us. We have worn out "welcome".  In other words, you are better served knowing and practicing moderation.

Excessive means going over the limits. Everything has limits and when you push past those limits, stress is created and something is going to give or break and in those actions lie hurt, harm and danger.

Excessive is never a desired action or behavior because anything in excess is harmful. All excessive does is destroy.

A good sign of knowing you are excessive and need to stop is when you see everything around you going lacking. For instance, we have significantly improved road networks to improve driving, now driving is more hazardous and road networks are too expensive to maintain. Because we want better cars and roads we’re afraid to say “no more” to excessive road building. Though people got along very well without cars and roads, now we have them, we’ve become excessive in our road building efforts and driving.

Excessive is never a desired action or behavior and anything done in excess is harmful, but all things in moderation.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!