You Exist but Get No Credit for Existing???

In our society are you considered any more than a critter in the woods?

Does a lion prefer a rich deer or an educated deer over a poor ass deer? Will the lion excuse you from his dinner table because you work,  you're nice to him...??? For one kind of man in America, there's just one kind of credit - bad credit.

If you have "no credit", why does this equal "bad credit"? Somehow, you have to figure out a way to be respected in this world, just for "existing". You must fight just to exist and what does this tell you?

The problem here is, "Somebody has to eat". This fact put into motion the notion of preying on any people who will allow themselves to be preyed upon.

Hence, the confusion between Pray and Prey, do you really think praying is going to save you/us from our predator or will it just keep you in the pin until ready to be devoured? We're the law, we can arrest you for stealing even food for your empty table, punish you even to death and there ain't shit you can do, even if you helped grew the shit and/or build the shit. But, if you catch us stealing, well that is just the way it goes. So, for what do I exist?

To avoid this great instinct, many of us side with the predator and now you see what happens when prey sides with the narcissistic predator, we become the same and turn on our own. Now, thinking we're masters of the great white ways, double trouble!

No matter if they know the kind of man you are, a man with character, loyal, hardworking, family man they don't give a shit. As a matter of fact, that is just even more reason for the masters of the great white ways, to take your ass down. This is evil and a shame we still put up with this bullshit. My point here is, "all that bullshit you talk about morals and ethics is just that" and as long as your black ass is black, you will be treated as such, no matter how high you think you are, just ask mr. cosby.

These white people in America are some low down, treacherous, son-of-a-bitches and we keep acting like, oh well, equal opportunity, employment, i'm the mayor, i'm the president, i'm the ceo, i'm the celebrity, i'm sheriff, i'm first black, and all that other wishful thinking... when you know all you are is "the great white flunky" leading the rest of us to hell.

You mean to tell me, the only way for a human being to be a human being is to be indebted to your low-life ass? 

Why would a people who doesn't even fucking exist need credit?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!