Why Is It so Easy for young Black Americans to become FELONs?

Especially for young Black American men?

I am a Black male and I know from experience the challenge of Black American men to avoid becoming felons.

First, we believed/thought this phenomenon to be self inflicted, like "all" black men are lazy criminals and especially Black men were and still are made to feel guilty for society's own inadequacies. This guilt was so ingrained, even black women and children turned against Black men.

I'm starting with our black youth and why have they lost respect for Black men, whose fault is that? They this all starts at home, so what did Black men do to Black women causing them to turn? Was it enough to drive Black men into surviving outside our society, while American laws were created to bar convicted felons from participating in our society? As a result, what do we expect to happen with our convicted felons?

Once you become a convicted felon in America, how do you survive?

Who would know better that Black American men because they are born with felony convictions in America. Yeap, however insane, inhumane this may sound, "just being born black in America is a felony conviction in America".

Black Americans are never good enough therefore must be educated/rehabilitated to rise to the level dictated by with White America. By the time our accounts are taken, it's "always" too late.

Today, Black Americans have figured out the best way to survive in America is to assimilate being White, damn.

These facts are never publicized but passed on from "former Black American slaves" who offer extraordinary insight into slave life and the life of Blacks in America.

You can ask yourself why would one human being want to treat another human being less than human, what has he to gain?  Tisn’t he who has stood and looked on, that can tell you what slavery is – ‘tis he who has endured it. 

We were never allowed to go to town and it was through runaways we knew that they sold anything but slaves, tobacco, and whiskey. Ignorance was and still is the greatest hold on us. We knew we could run away, but what then? An offender guilty of this crime was subjected to very harsh punishment.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!