Leaning In 50/50 Relationships

Using Sheryl Sandberg's book and Floyd Mayweather's fight.

These two opposite extremes couldn't have been more timely. What does "leaning" mean: a tendency or partiality of a particular kind, to depend or rely (usually followed by on or upon): someone he could lean on in an emergency, like leaning into a wave, a tidal wave.

Dave Goldberg’s death causing ripple effect in business world

The 50/50 Principle In Relationships Sucks, why…

Subservience: A subordinate place or function, Useful as a means or an instrument; serving to promote an end.. Prepared to obey others unquestioningly: she was subservient to her ... Less important; subordinate: he expected her career to become subservient to his.

Lean In: the book Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. It’s saying something like “if relationships are 50/50 they stand a better chance of winning”? Goes on to say: men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry, but what men and what's wrong with that? Is that good or bad and is it true? If it was good, then nobody would be complaining. Lean In is suggesting women should be treated as an equal to men, rather than subservient.

It’s a bit shocking to hear about the death of any 47 year old man, just seems like their time might have been a bit untimely and I’ll leave it at that. 

But his wife’s book goes on to indicate: This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives…. Sheryl goes on to share she think she and Dave had a fifty/fifty relationship, contributing that to their great successs, but is that true?  In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg 

Then there’s Floyd Mayweather with “Turning Unbelievers into Believers”? You often hear people talk about 50/50 relationships, claim that’s what they have and recommend to you, “you ought to do that to have a better relationship”. But how do you maintain a 50/50 relationship and who’s the score keeper? Is love a 50/50 kind of relationship?Then, consider in Business Relationships, are they 50/50? Do you think Mrs. Sandberg was/is in a 50/50 with Dave? Do you think Dave was in a 50/50 relationship with his company Survey Monkey? Did or does  Manny Pacquiao have a 50/50 relationship with Floyd Mayweather, why didn’t Pacquiao win; and why was it so important Folyd Mayweather won?  After the fight, it looked as if Manny Pacquiaco didn’t have a chance at ever beating Floyd Mayweather and now he knows that. I don’t know why he, how could he have ever placed it in his mind he might even have a chance at beating Mayweather? This clearly demonstrates what will happen to your ass when you “mistakenly think” you’re just as good as the next man.

If you are going to have a 50/50 relationship, how does anyone win and then, why is winning important to anyone wanting a 50/50 relationship? Is someone, anyone suggesting “our relationships are failing because they’re not 50/50?

From where comes the notion of 50/50?  If you each brought 50% into a relationship that would give you any advantage to winning? No, because the two of you would be evenly matched and what would there be to complement each other?

What about 50/50 of work, dedication and all that shit, would it increase your chances of having a better relationship? No, because failed relationships come from one person breaking the relationship, for whatever reasons, most of which due to "Irreconcilable differences". Do you remember all the treaties American Newcomers broke with Native and Black Americans?

Why is there a head and tale? There are many ways to look at 50/50 but what has been proven is "it doesn't work". 50/50 says, "stick with the people of  your own kind". Enter relationships with people who think like you. It lends the idea "you know", but what happens when that 50/50 relationship is "cut short"?

Like minded? I used to think I wanted to enter relationships with someone like me, but have recently learned that is suicidal. I wouldn't want to be married to someone like me at all. How do  you help, what do you contribute to someone you perceive having just as much as you, like rich, smart, powerful, people have a better chance at working out their problems? We're saying the problem today is because the men today, with the same kind of thinking being in leadership positions in government and industry and these men ain't sharing with nobody.

Give me someone who can help me better learn how to share.

Are our people 50/50 in relationships, are Blacks 50/50 with Whites and on and on? Then, how do you get 50/50? What do Whites teach their children about people of color? Where do they learn how to abuse people of color? Well, somebody has to know because Whites learn quite-well how to deny people of color.

How do women sleep next to men in leadership positions and be denied the same? That's a oxymoron isn't it? Are these women oxymorons?

NOw, let's take this same 50/50 principle over to people of color, in America?

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The best info is the info we share!