Finding Ms. Right

The dangerous task of locating and maintaining Ms. Right?

When I get grown I'll fall in love and get married???

I love women so this is my first obstacle. Can I be true to this and not be pressured into Ms. Right, right now? So many beautiful women and they get more tempting by the day, looks, smarts, talents, media it's hard to settle for an old car. Sounds kind of harsh but who wants an old ass man? The eyes and imagination are more true to the soul than the facts needed to survive the journey of life.

At this age, if I haven’t found her then my chances are slim to none, but this is not a fault. Have you ever thought of the notion, that I’m not suppose to have a woman, as described by society today? The pressures of our society drives people into a lot of brick walls just trying to meet our false expectations. Why are they false, because we don't do anything to even try to fix them.

I've met many beautiful and smart women in my day, but for whatever reasons they don't like me. Many have also fallen on their own sword trying to tackle this great feat in life or trying to navigate this tempting but very treacherous gauntlet in life. How many people, after all these years are still in hot pursuit of love? Love is even harder to find because we are so delusional about it - money, education, race, religion, skin, drugs, alcohol, hair, size, sex, age,,,. What does our resources say about any this? What does any of this shit have to do with love? And we are specifically counselled not to judge and now, it all has gone underground/down low.

What is the difference between one right now and multiple over the years? Perception of our society and people want to feel like they're "the only one" - monogamous/superior. If you want to feel like that, why in the hell do you want a companion and kick all other companions to the curb? REsources, where are our resources?

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One or More Than One

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!