Following Through

Raised one way and educated another, why would any human being do this to another? The inability to follow through is it a problem?

Well, it is almost New Years again, time for more unsolicited lies, oh boy, are you ready? Did you know New Years is the single time of year, in which the greatest number of lies are told? But we do not even pay attention and so goes the rest of the year and  the rest of our lives. How soon we forget and that is what our predator's prey on.

We were raised one way and educated another. Do you know how to depress yourself? Do you really know how to conduct yourself? Is it one way in the work place and another at home? Is it a personal life and a professional life? Are you tired of dividing yourself into two people, just for the man, who the hell is the man? How does it work, white at work and black at home, why cannot you be black at work? Why cannot you be white at home? Why cannot you just be...?

How many times and/or do you even understand what following through means? Our leaders, preachers and teachers are a “big letdown”, along with our policies, procedures and laws. They sold us out to keep their jobs or earn a paycheck, more big business. Really, it was “our system of education”, but systems do not fail, people do. It changed from applied knowledge to “Big Fucking Business” and that is where our fucking minds are. We really believe we are doing big fucking business by creating confusion and chaos everywhere. Our religion is so fucking confusing, hypocritical, we have no fucking idea. Are you a girl or a boy, a man or a woman? Why do we even have girls and boys, men and women? At what age does a man start fucking another man in the ass? At what age can a woman purchase a dildo and start… We never even figured out heterosexual relationships before we piled on homosexual relationships. All we know how to do is hurt people, whatever happened to each family being different? What if you did not want to send your child to public or private school to learn all this heterosexual/homosexual bullshit? What if you did not want to engage in all this deficit, budget, credit cards, checks, interest rates, tax your ass to death bullshit? What if you wanted a normal tv and not 700 channels of more cable, satellite bullshit? Now, we even figured out how to make easy money off the internet and you wonder why there are so many fucking scams?

One lady, who made quite a few empty promises and she used the excuse of being on medications, but the irony of the whole thing is, being on medication can be her excuse, yet she holds you responsible for what you failed to do for her. This makes her a bold face liar, sick or not.

The ability to follow through has been the down fall of this great nation. Since her very turbulent beginnings we have lived nothing but a life of lies and again, you wonder why crime soars? You wonder why, the more police we get the more crime we experience, the more churches, the more schools, the less productive our citizens????

We were raised one way and educated another. In this great maze of hierarchy, how are you supposed to figure out what the hell you are supposed to do?

We are being educated against our own divine spirit. We grow up thinking we are not good enough, do not fit, not qualified, illiterate, uneducated and will be until you attend one of our great institutions. From there we turn away from our spiritual calling and start following all this dead end man made bullshit, the majority of which, 95% of Americans do not even fucking understand, however; when asked they lie.

Though our religion teaches, above all things get understanding, everyday we get farther and farther away from anything we understand. At one point, the right of passage started with teaching us how to provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation, health care…. But our own system has deprived us of the knowledge to provide for self, in exchange for being paid to provide for “people with money”. Now, your excuse is, "you don't have time".

Today, you cannot tell us what we are doing is one fucking big mistake, a no-no, a path to self destruction, a never ending effort of maintaining shit we do not even need and a rush of buying and selling inferior goods and services. You cannot tell us this is actually what we are doing, we will find an excuse, another angle to show you how fucking important “institutionalized learning” is above “parental training”. We will not tell you that our abuse of institutionalized learning has disrupted the natural process of living. That you do not need to follow through on your responsibilities because you pay, trick, scam, educate someone else to do your job for you, while you go out and do someone else's??? Why would you work for the money to pay someone to do what you can create yourself, for free? We educate you to think what you can create is economically and socially unacceptable, that it is better to buy fancier shit you cannot afford, lol, and in that, our ability to follow through has defaulted  to our children, our future, penalizing us for our arrogance, negligent and stupidity. And this shit has gone on for so fucking long unchecked, we now think it is our responsibility to spread it all over the world.

As much as you may like to change,  you cannot change shit and this is all being pushed and promoted by guess who, YOU, through sophisticated means of intimidation and pressure - fear. Just ask our President.

Failure to follow through is a dreadful disease, like an STD and means you are liar to yourself and to those who depend on you. Duty, honor, country is a thing of the past, unless  you are passing the disease. The only thing we are following through on is DEPRESSION.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!