Formal and Informal Education

Go Back To School, Why?

Who needs to go back to school, why?Do we have more literates or illiterates?

Some kind of education is needed but what kind? Will it be formal or informal? Are we getting more out of our educated or uneducated? Who’s Teaching Who What? Quality, who’s qualified and what qualifies them? How do you teach something you cannot do?

Is it that our formal system of education supports our population or is it the other way around? Are the educated educating/teaching the uneducated or are the educated supporting a system and teaching the uneducated how to take advantage of that failing system?

Is our system of education educating us to succeed or fail? What is our definition of succeeding, family values, work ethics…? Are we known more for what we produce or for what we consume? Just what do our educators produce, is it money? Should we follow the money? Should we follow them?

Is our formal system of education productive, does it work in our favor, can you work it in our favor? Then why are we doing so poorly? Who’s not listening?

For example, for what can you use your diploma? Why is it that every time we catch up, the carrot gets further and further away?

It’s something about those questions that just ain’t right. The example would be, for example, when you graduate there are no jobs.

Do you teach your children to work for their enemies? What good does it do to work for your enemy? So, are our educated educating our uneducated on something they can do or something they say the uneducated can do, once educated. What good is that?

When do you learn to work for yourself and does current system of education benefit that effort at all?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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