The Future

While enduring tough times, the future of the whole world is in your hands..

Work in the future. Who is our future, where? Will republicans and democrats ever agree, to disagree? Which side are you on, "People Without a Party" (PWaP). Do you reckon we could do any better? A few rich people and all those poor people.

Is there enough people in poverty to change the future? For just once all the poor people got together, only to feel the amazing shift in power.

Would the world be a better place? Agree to disagree?

Tough times usually brings out the best in people. You realize your mistakes and adjust accordingly.

Why all the drama? You talk about minimizing "gang warfare" "gang related activities" -- DRUGS? Just look at yourself and you ain't even on drugs. Sirens going who is sick?

Rhetoric! Do you not think we get tired? As intelligent leaders of sound minds and bodies, does it make good sense to you? Is that how you run your households or is that the example you set for us to run ours? What is the difference?

It is time for a takeover,"People without a Party".

We pay you to do that to us?

There is comfort in knowing you are not in it alone. That there is a concerted effort going on to help fix your problems and to address your concerns.

Our future is bright as long as we are smart, stay focus and act now. The best things in life are simple. Welcome the challenge! Confidence! A broader culture! Knowing when enough is enough! Do you know how to keep a fight going? Would you fight yourself? Does it make any sense to? I am not the brightest guy. Work in the future, simple economics? I flunked that.

I need a farm. Yes, going back on the Plantation, but this time, I am the boss. I need my own farm, for emergency backup. Somebody who enjoys canning and storing good healthy food, safely away. Jellies, you know! With a farm I can help make a difference. Call it a ranch, that is the spin off.

The future, the unknown entering with fear and procrastination are the same mistakes over and over again. The future!

Enter boldly by living with ethical and moral fortitude and taking measured steps to ensure long term progress - no regrets.

Ain't there some ways to have fun and get the job done even better, all at the same time?

How many years are we setting our future back? The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become reality. Real progress, making people's lives better! Knowing you are the person responsible for problem solving.

It is this gracious revelation that enables the brightest future, in which, we can move boldly, swiftly, safely, eagerly and invite others.

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(((your inner

Where are the down to Earth, Grants!

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