Improving Getting bEtter

Is my white American counterpart getting better or worse, are they improving... why not?

Instead of working with your hands why not try working with your brain - hand, eye coordination? Do they care about you, any more than they care about me? Why do we put so much value in what "they say"? A lie to me is a liar to all.

If anybody has had the best opportunity to improve themselves, it has been White (((Corporate))) America. How much success can one experience before....? So, what do they want now? Now, ask yourself, are things getting better or worse? Just be truthful, not revengeful. Now, ask yourself, while you're working out, "why not"?

Who is Improvement for? How do you get better? How do you improve yourself? Ever take medicine you don’t need?

We always start out with things like, “Imagine your perfect world”, hundreds of tips, tricks and lessons that have the potential, create yourself...

Many of my friends hit ruts in life, some come out and some don’t. So, that tells me this improvement thing is for those who do not come out.

Some think by doing things like working, church, exercising, better job, medical, education, more money, eating healthier, race, religion… but do any of these things really improve you? There has been all kind of educated, fashion, rich, religious, health nuts to fall far short. Is today any indication thereof, then what’s the problem?

2013, since we consider ourselves so progressive and techno savvy, why are we so stressed economically and socially? Is our economic and social “big picture” any indication of who we are as individuals, you’re darn-tooten. This tells me, the more of these things we do the worse off we become. Everybody is running around trying to be something they aren’t and never can be.

How do you improve yourself? You improve yourself by “keep going”. If anything is possible, no matter what it is you’re going through, all you have to do is “keep going”. Things never get better and the better you think you get, the more surprised you will be. Driving everywhere is why we have so much trouble walking. We’re so busy striving to keep up with all this material bullshit, we forget what’s really important and now, we’re stuck in a rut of things like racism, money, jobs, education, health care…terrorized over nothing. These things are rendered useless because most of us can’t afford them anyway. Where is the best health care, if you don’t care then what good does it matter?

What did we do prior to all this “improve yourself hype”? We kept going, no matter what life threw at us. Whatever we had, we made do and did our best to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. But what happened to our backup plans today, to whom will you run?

Every day is different and if you’re really reaching out, it’s taking you to places, people and things you’ve never before encountered and the only thing on which you can rely is Your Inner Voice.

Improving the mindset by sharing insights and resources to have a positive attitude, open-mind, and a success.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!