Art about Mr. John Daso, Gifted Artist, Visionary and a very good human being.

Something you can own which empowers you. Take your time and read my encounter and how it inspired me.

To see John's work is absolutely extraordinary, but to see John work is even more extraordinary, so much energy at this golden age.  I have seen a lot of men working but few like Mr. Daso, pronounced Day-so. In particular African-American men, most want to tell you how much they've fallen in love with their 10th girlfriend. They are just looking for a reason to inflate the ego of any unsuspecting person, but Mr. Daso is strictly on his own and about producing whatever his divine spirit has in store.

While visiting in Arlington, Virginia, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Daso, as he prepared for an art show in the hotel in which I was staying. We interacted so until I feel comfortable calling him a friend, it is how comfortable he makes you feel. I also consider myself gifted and when one gifted person sees the work of another,,, all you can do is recognize.

(l-r)Lenny Springs, "Go Sweep The Yard", John Daso with his art display and Art Thomas

Having the opportunity to personally interact with a man I and the world considers so talented is an honor. Looking at his work, all of it I saw, his paintings are unbelievably real. The saying: A picture is worth a thousand words.... There is nothing about them being from an African-American perspective, but a true reflection of life unseen. Most never take the time to see themselves in the detail, the light or the consciousness, in which John captures so well on canvas. Even one of his paintings of one/single thing says so much about what is actually going on around us today, much of which we do not care to recognize. We do not want to recognize the gifts of a Black person, especially those of a black man. Then, when we do, it has to be distinguished with something like "from an AFrikan-American perspective. This being the case, then all of America is from an Afrikan-American perspective. John's work is from a spiritual perspective, a bold and a very inspiring portrayal of the way life is, was and should be, for all people. John's art flows with energy, his work comes alive, tickles your spirit and inspires you to do better. It is so amazing to watch the reaction of those who happen by and the excitement of those who take home a piece of his work. He does not sell to anybody and that is another factor which makes his work so exclusive. To own one is to own a bottle of energy which energizes you more than any other source, raising the bar. That is why and how I am writing, and my encounter was more than a month ago and still kicking... what a high.

Just as his art is recognized the world over, so is the energy of John.  John DASO "Dark Corners" Collection check it out, google it, yahoo it... John Daso and his work is absolutely everywhere, so why don't you have one? That is how I met him and his lovely wife.

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Art Thomas

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!